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I’ve been arrested, now what?

I’ve been arrested, now what?

I’ve just been arrested! Now, what do I do?

STOP TALKING! The first thing you do is shut your mouth. I can’t count the number of people who’ve talked their way into a conviction just by talking too much. You have the right to remain SILENT. Use it! You have to tell the police your name and basic biographical information. Be nice about it. Rudeness never helps anything and the police are just trying to do their job. Whatever, you do, don’t be a jerk to them. Even if you think they are being a jerk to you. But, politely, refuse to answer any questions without your attorney there. Call a Criminal Defense Attorney right away!

Remember, police can say whatever they want to you. They can lie to you and claim to have all sorts of information they really don’t have. It’s a common interrogation technique. If you were the police, wouldn’t you use it to see if someone confessed? Call a Criminal Defense Attorney right away!

No matter what they say, the police cannot cut you a deal. They can promise to intercede with the prosecutor all day long but only the prosecutors can cut deals. Call a Criminal Defense Attorney right away! Let your attorney work out any deals! Trust me. The time for deals is when the case is in front of a court. NEVER, EVER, EVER does anyone get a better deal at the police station or on the side of the road.

If you’re being investigated, you’re almost certainly going to jail. If you’re arrested, you’re definitely going to jail! Think about it! The standard to arrest is very low; it’s probable case. That means that they think you did it and they have an idea of how. That’s it! Conviction by a jury is beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a much, much higher standard. So, if you were a police officer, you’d arrest someone even if you’re just a little sure and then try to get them to confess right? Once they have a confession, the case is more often than not, over!

I’ve never seen anyone talk themselves out of going to jail in all my years as a prosecutor. I’ve seen lots of people talk themselves into a conviction!!

Call a Criminal Defense Attorney right away!

Once you’re at jail, don’t talk to anyone!!! Do you really think other inmates have your best intentions at heart and aren’t looking for a confession to give to the DA to get a better sentence themselves. You’ll get a hearing and, usually, except for certain crimes and circumstances, you’ll get bonded out. Then you need an attorney. FAST. The clock starts ticking immediately and the longer you wait, the more of a head start you give the prosecution. Call a Criminal Defense Attorney right away!

And don’t let them search anything either! Warrants are required for a reason. If they say they can get a warrant, say “Great, I’ll wait.” If they can get a warrant, they will. Make them do it. If you give them consent to search, you just tied one of your attorney’s arms behind their back.

So, I don’t really need a lawyer do I? It’s just a simple case and I want to plead guilty anyway.

Would you perform on yourself without a doctor because it’s simple?

Would you build a bridge for your road without talking to a construction worker?

You might but I’d stay far away. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know. You want someone who knows the little things that seem stupid but make or break a case. You want an expert who has done this hundreds and thousands of times just to look at your case and see what can be done. Attorneys are expensive. There is no getting around that. Sometimes, an attorney can do very little for you. Sometimes, you’ve given the prosecution a perfect case and the best bet is to get the best deal possible. But, YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL AN EXPERT HAS REVIEWED YOUR CASE. You don’t know all of the evidence the prosecution have. You don’t know if the police made a tiny error that will be fatal to your case. Unless you’ve tried hundreds of cases, you don’t know what a jury will do. Even the experts don’t always know. But I’d rather have an expert on my side. How about you?

Call a Criminal Defense Attorney right away!!! You need the best and the most passionate advocate on your side. Don’t Wait!!

You only get one shot at getting a criminal case right! Do you want to take that shot without the best possible lawyer on your side?

Do you want the best? Then call Jake Lilly today!

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