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Aggressive Criminal Defense The first step to winning is deciding to fight. Personal Injury Getting you what you deserve. Military & VA Specialists It takes a veteran to help a veteran.

Trial Experts. Client Centered Approach.

We believe in being ready for trial from day one, and that means making sure our clients are prepared from the very beginning. We work closely with our clients from the moment they walk in the door to fight for their rights and just results. We promise to fight for you.

What Our Clients Say

Jake defended me in a homicide case where it is no exaggeration to say that my whole life was on the line.  He is a great trial attorney who fought fiercely on my behalf at trial and believed in me every step of the way.   His trial skills and willingness to fight the DA convinced the jury that I was NOT GUILTY on all counts.  He’s a brilliant trial attorney and a fierce advocate and I was in great hands the entire time.  I highly recommend Jake for anyone needing to fight to prove their innocence.


I was in need of a good criminal attorney for my son, Beth is very knowledgeable and worked hard for my son, he was looking at a long prison sentence and due to Beth and Jake's hard work he will now be home in just a few months. I will be forever grateful for all of their hard work and dedication.


Jake defended me when others would not.  My case looked hopeless and I was facing a significant amount of time in jail but Jake never gave up and kept fighting.  We had multiple trial dates and the DA tried to pull some stuff but Jake kept calm and kept fighting on my behalf.  He won several motions and eventually forced the DA to back down and offer me what we had wanted all along.  I highly recommend Jake and Triple L Law when you need someone to fight for you in Court who has the experience to know what he is doing and the trial skills to fight all the way.


Triple L Law fought hard for me.  They defended me when I was unfairly charged with two crimes by my ex-wife when she was trying to gain leverage in our divorce.  Not only did they get a complete not guilty at trial but their trial win was so strong that the Prosecutor dropped all charges in the second case.  They are always available when I need advice or encouragement and I would always recommend Triple L Law when your life is on the line.


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