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Have you been arrested for a crime in the Front Range and Denver area? If so, you are probably very nervous about what the future might bring, and YOU SHOULD BE! The state has excellent prosecutors on their side and you need THE BEST on your side.  Coming in second doesn’t

For many people, a low level traffic offense or misdemeanor domestic violence charge are the only contact they will ever have with the Judicial system.  Viewed as a potential defendant, the judicial system can be extremely scary and the consequences seem overwhelming.  You need a knowledgeable and sympathetic ear to

I’ve just been arrested!  Now, what do I do? STOP TALKING!  The first thing you do is shut your mouth.  I can’t count the number of people who’ve talked their way into a conviction just by talking too much.  You have the right to remain SILENT.  Use it!  You have to

Felonies Being arrested for a felony crime in Colorado is a life changing experience.  The moment those handcuffs go on your wrist, you start wondering “is my whole world ending?”  It doesn’t have to but you need representation FAST!  Waiting around to see what happens is only going to make things

DUI, DWAI, DUID, UDD are all scary terms and bring huge possible penalties.  For many people, DUI is their first and only contact with the criminal justice system.  Many people that are not career criminals make a mistake with alcohol and get arrested.  Plenty of people didn’t even have that

What does the new Colorado Felony Drunk Driving Bill mean for me?  Triple L Law answers… The DUI Felony bill, Colorado House Bill 1043 passed the State Senate on May 6, 2015 and headed for the desk of Governor John Hickenlooper.  If he does has he previously indicated, Gov. Hickenlooper will