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You can count on the undivided attention of a team that prizes relationships over profits.

Criminal Defense Law Service
Criminal Defense

Our team are experts in aggressive criminal defense. With over combined 30 years experience representing everything from homicide to sex assault to traffic tickets. We’ve practiced in federal courts, military courts, state courts, and local courts, across 6 states and five federal districts, and military law worldwide. We’ve fought for our clients in over 140 jury trials, over 50 bench trial, and more motions and hearings than we can count.

Personal Injury Law Service
Personal Injury/Civil Litigation

We’re litigators, through and through.  We love trial and we love to fight for you!  We can get you the compensation that you deserve and you won’t pay a penny unless we win!  We know what it takes to utilize expert witnesses and the process, fight hard at trial and the negotiating table, and have a level of personal attention you won’t get at the large firms.  Your case won’t be handed off to a junior associate and forgotten about, but will be handled by our partners, one of who is a specialist in the medical field.  Let us get you what you deserve!

Victim Representation Law Service
Victim Representation

When you’ve been the victim of a crime, it can seem like your whole world turns upside down and no one really listens to what you want.   The police have their owns agendas, the prosecutors have their own agendas, and the Defendant definitely has what they want!  Who speaks for you?  With our years of experience having been both prosecutors and defense attorneys, we can help your voice be heard.  We can represent your interests and advocate solely for you at all stages to ensure that what you want is first and foremost!

Military Law Service
Military Law

If you’ve been charged with a crime or are being administratively separated from the military, you know how the deck is stacked against you.  You need attorneys who have been there and done that; who speak the language, and who know what commanders are really looking for.  We’ve served in both the Army and the Navy, prosecuted and defended cases, and conducted too many administrative boards to count.  We know what you’re up against and we will fight for you!

Healthcare Law/Advocacy Law Service
Healthcare Law/Advocacy

Dealing with a life changing diagnosis is stressful on both you and your family. Navigating the healthcare system and understanding the information being thrown at you by physicians, hospital billing, and insurance companies can be extremely difficult to manage. We have extensive experience with the healthcare system and can help you or your loved one deal with the complexities of managing your care and help you fight to make sure you get the care you deserve.

For the individual healthcare professional, we know that you have a large regulatory field to navigate to be able to practice your chosen profession and treat patients. We can help you navigate this landscape by advising you on issues that you need to be aware of when seeking employment and/or entering into contract negations with a group or facility.

Probate Law Service
Probate & Elder Law

Planning for your golden years is often a task we ignore or put off. Planning is essential for avoiding problems later especially should you or your loved one become incapacitated. We will sit down with you, assess your needs and your future plans, and help make sure you and your family worry less as you enjoy late life. However, should you have an elder family member who does need assistance or who you believe is being abused, you should seek help immediately. We will discuss options regarding guardianships and conservatorships, or the need to seek other legal remedies through litigation.

Disability Law Service

We understand that when you are having to apply for disability benefits you have likely had a major life changing event. Applying for benefits is a lengthy and often frustrating process. Whether you are applying for Social Security benefits, dealing with Medicaid enrollment, or applying to the VA for needed benefits we have the experience to guide you through this frustrating time.

Internal Investigation Law Service
Internal Investigations

Allegations of wrongdoing by an individual or accusations concerning regulatory compliance are serious matters and can be destructive to your organization. Conducting a careful review is paramount to avoiding scrutiny by the state or federal government. We represent individuals accused of misconduct, as well as board of directors, and organizations themselves and guide them through the complex review process.

Veterans Law Services
Veterans’ Services

As a veteran owned and operated firm, we know what it takes when dealing with the VA or other government agencies.  We’ve been there and we are here to help you!

Regulatory & Licensing Law Service
Regulatory & Licensing

We understand that defending your professional license is your number one concern. We have a breadth of experience in defending against regulatory action at both the federal and state levels, from a driver’s license to a medical license.